Services We Provide

  • Daily HTIN Executive News Briefs (see below)
  • Global Media Analysis
  • Media Monitoring for Crisis prevention and action
  • Track industry trends, strategies, and opportunities for clients
  • Global markets monitoring for industry news & trends
  • Special event coverage and reporting (trade shows, expos, etc.)
  • Trade show prep: special news briefs covering client and competitor activity created for team members attending event
  • On-site event coverage, such as CES, SCTE, etc., followed up with summary PowerPoint presentations to executive team
HighTech-Industry-News BRIEF original from Jak
  • Each article, in your 2-3 page industry news brief, is summarized for quick reading.
  • We provide a daily executive news brief with 20-30 customized, global news articles that impact your company, competitors, and the industry.
  • The summary analysis highlights how each story impacts your company.
  • During special events like earnings or trade shows, a news brief is created to prep your executives for customer meetings and presentations.
  • If you have any questions
    about our industry news
    brief or how we work with
    our clients, please email
    me directly at barbara@

Disruptive Industry News


The High Tech Industry News (HTIN) Brief is a customized news report with summaries and links to source publications that mention your company, your competitors, and industry news and trends.

The HTIN Brief includes a synopsis of each news story explaining why and how each article impacts your company.

Approximately 20 stories from legitimate publications (no press releases or placed media) arrive in your inbox, ready for immediate review and distribution.

We create the HTIN Brief from news articles that are expertly curated and analyzed by industry specialists with 20+ years of experience in media and tech. We also monitor white papers, research materials, and market-growth areas worldwide.

Our HighTech Industry News Brief  provides thought-leadership material and helps position your company as an industry expert.

We use your logo and branding on the report for sharing with colleagues, customers, and stakeholders.