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Content/News Curation Service

Content Curators are a new category of professionals. Whether it’s information about technology, medical breakthroughs, energy, or education, we curate what we’re passionate about. We are trained writers and editors, and our passion is reading and analyzing the latest high-tech news.
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The Newsletter Service

HighTech Industry News’ newsletter is a one- to two-page summary of the day’s breaking news about your company, your competition, and the industry — news that bears directly on your bottom line.
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Social Media Monitoring

As we track news worldwide, we also monitor daily shifts in high-tech industry trends using numerous social media platforms. We spend our day capturing relevant, timely data — being your eyes and ears to the world.
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newsToday's Industry News

Learn more about the latest trending industry news with the HighTech Industry News Daily


Why Choose Us?

HighTech Industry News is a content curation service that provides forward-thinking, relevant news to high-tech companies.  We are journalists and editors with more than 20 years of experience in news and high-tech.  We sift through mounds of mediocre news, picking only the best, most relevant and most timely content for your company.
Don’t have time to sift through the glut of data about your competitors and your industry every day? HighTech Industry News is following the news from many sources and only selects the news you need to make informed decisions about your company.
We help your Thought Leaders make the best decisions by giving them an easier, faster, more reliable way to get all the latest news published about your company, your competitors, and the high-tech industries in which we work.

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