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HighTech Industry News Newsletter
  • HighTech Industry News provides a customized newsletter with summaries and links to news reports that mention your company, your competitors and developments in your industry.
  • The news summaries don't just summarize the article, but it states WHY THIS PARTICULAR NEWS ARTICLE IS IMPORTANT TO YOUR COMPANY.
  • Approximately 20 stories from legitimate publications (no press releases) arrive in your inbox three days per week, ready for review and distribution.
  • We create the newsletter from web data collected and analyzed by content curators — professional journalists with 20+ years of experience in media and high-tech. We also monitor white papers, research materials and market-growth areas worldwide.
  • The newsletter provides thought-leadership material and positions your company as the industry expert. Presented transparently, it appears to be generated from within your group, using your logo and branding.

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