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The short

Staying current with industry trends, competitor announcements, and emerging markets is crucial to growth and long-term success for any company. But news gathering is often underrated and sometimes relegated to understaffed PR or marketing teams who are already overextended.

We know the story because HighTech Industry News (HTIN) has worked with many successful tech companies for more than 10 years and knows how to seamlessly take news monitoring completely off your desk while staying within any budget. We’re a boutique news monitoring and curation service exclusively for executives in the connectivity and tech space. We will track, analyze, and carefully hand-pick timely and disruptive news that directly impacts your company's bottom line.


The long road

Hi, I’m Barbara Qualmann, a news pro and president of HighTech Industry News (HTIN).


Canadian born with dual citizenship, I live and work in NYC. University of Florida is where I obtained my journalism degree and I know a set of triplets who call me mom (their older brother calls me the same). News was my first job post-graduation where I was shooting run-and-gun style for an ABC News affiliate. Fires, murders, all the good stuff local news thrives on. Being the only girl in a pool of rough camera boys taught me early life lessons. More on that in a minute.

After a questionable career move to Nickelodeon’s game show, “Family Double Dare”, and while we were, “in between shows”, I took a temp job at Time Warner Cable. Because temp agencies keep the company names private, I learned during the first interview the job was for TWC’s newest project, the Full Service Network – the world’s first digital interactive television network. I ended my game show stint and became the seventh employee hired and managed News on Demand. This was my intro into cable news and the rapidly changing world of connectivity. HTIN was soon formed out of necessity to keep up with the industry’s daily influx of news – emerging technologies, products and services, M&A’s, and hot new markets. It turned out to be a full-time job.

Lessons learned. News taught me to work smarter and faster than anyone else. Today’s HTIN newsroom looks a lot different, but the core of intelligent news gathering comes from experience in one industry - in our case, it's the Connectivity space. HTIN knows news and understands precisely what information clients need and don't need for growth as individual team members and the company.

Since 2010, HTIN has combined industry insight, business intelligence, and intellectual curiosity to monitor and deliver smart news to its clients. We understand issues relating to copyright law, intellectual property, and fair use. We are ethical, honest, and always use the utmost caution when sharing news from other sources.

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