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We're all, at some point, content curators

Whether we’re sharing news with colleagues on LinkedIn or a picture of our dog on Facebook, we curate things we’re passionate about. Content Curators at HighTech Industry News share what we’re passionate about:  a deep knowledge of the high-tech industry combined with years of news reporting and editing.  We are part of a growing global trend toward integrating media content using machine and human brainpower. We gather, filter and summarize only the most relevant news for your company.  In today’s world of content abundance, a skilled content curator is an essential partner for corporate executives and other thought leaders.

Content Curators vs News Clips Aggregators

HighTech Industry News is a content curation service that provides forward-thinking, relevant news to high-tech companies.  We are journalists and editors with more than 20 years of experience in news and high-tech.  We sift through mounds of mediocre news, picking only the best, most relevant and most timely content for your company. Scanning thousands of news headlines within 100's of publications, keeping your company top of mind,  takes time and resources most companies don’t have.  That’s where HighTech Industry News steps in. As journalists, we understand issues relating to copyright law, intellectual property, and fair use.  We are ethical, honest, and always use the utmost caution when sharing news from other sources. We don’t compete with PR agencies that offer news clips as a side item in their PR package or with news-clipping services that aggregate news gleaned from keyword searches.  News curation is all we do, and we’re very good at it.  We’re so good, it’s hard to distinguish us from company employees — we know your products, your services, and your goals.  The only difference is that we don't show up at your holiday party.

Sharing our passion.

Content Curation at HighTech Industry News allows us to share what we’re passionate about – our name says it all:   high-tech industry news.  As journalists, we provide the highest quality news management with the highest ethical standards and attention to intellectual property rights.

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